Credits - The credit system ensures you pay only for results

Credits are your way to measure your parts effectiveness on TPI. Credits also allow people to contact you, refer a friend, view your parts and visit your website. These actions are weighted differently because a potential customer looking at your part isn't worth as much as someone calling you to buy.

Below is a breakdown of actions and how it translates to credits:

Action Credit Cost
14 clicks on the details of your listed parts 1 credit
9 requests for parts 1 credit
2 website clicks 1 credit
2 emails of your part details sent to a friend 1 credit
1 phone call you receive on your listed parts 1 credit
1 email you receive on your listed parts 1 credit
1 Text message you receive on your listed parts 1 credit

TPI provides detailed exposure reports so you know exactly what you are paying for. When you run out of credits, your login and all your part information in Sellers remains on TPI. TPI just removes your contact information from the public website. Don't worry, TPI will send you a notification letting you know credits are running low, then it's your option to buy more for only $3 USD per credit or purchase a convenient plan.

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